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The consulting activity in the most innovative, attentive and competitive markets, today represents the true skills a company needs to be a winner.

Auroflex is undertaking a win-win partnership project with each of its customers. The goal of our consulting activity is to create conditions for maximising the perception of a valuable product in the label.

This means the use of suitable papers and supports, the application of ennobling techniques on the label that are appropriate to the project and aimed at a packaging that, as a whole, is suitable for attracting and stimulating the end consumer, making him/her want to purchase the product.
In fact, the new frontier on which the communication process will be based in the next few years will have to deal with a relatively new discipline that starts from neuromarketing, i.e. the ability to attract and catch consumer interest, even those consumers who are most inattentive and in a hurry, through tactile and visual stimulation, thus creating a state of emotional excitement that captures their interest.
This is what our consultants, through the most innovative technologies and printing processes, try to transfer both to relationships with the different agencies with which they collaborate, and eventually to their partners.

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