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Passion for our work, great experience, and a high level of consultancy combined with attention to detail and the use of the most innovative technologies, make our company the ideal partner for the most ambitious challenges.



Auroflex was founded in 1970 as a company dedicated to marketing customised items and advertising gadgets for major brands, like credit institutions, insurance companies, institutional bodies, and important private companies, who had decided to entrust Auroflex with communication via gadget.

Founded by Alberto and Francesco Butera, it was soon structured as a silk screen printing company of luxury products. Even at that stage, the company was used at well-known international fairs and it was conveyed as a corporate communication tool through Auroflex's made-to-measure work.


The 80's marked an important turning point for the company as they decided to specialise in the production of self-adhesive labels on reels, making significant investments to acquire the best technologies, and to retrain personnel.
In those years, there were still only a few companies that used the reel as a tool to label their productions, as most companies used the glue labelling system.
Progressively, driven by a market trend that saw production of packaging increase, company needs changed.

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Lowering waste and production times, cleaning the packaging plant better, being able to customise labels through more innovative and distinctive brand features: these were all necessities incompatible with the glue labelling system that became primary requirements.
In the space of a decade, Auroflex's core business was therefore precisely defined and identified in the production of adhesive luxury labels on reels, which, to date, still represents about 80% of turnover.

Our partners


Equally, the awards obtained internationally have given the company merit for innovation brought to the labels in terms of the quality and the process. Thanks to these certifications, Auroflex has been chosen as a partner of large international distribution platforms - including Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco, Loblaw, Morrison etc - where we are regularly accredited and for whom we create their private label lines.

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