L O A D I N G . . .

Printing &

To give its customers the opportunity to achieve their goal, the company has developed a range of "emotional" proposals and solutions that, by stimulating consumer receptivity, make the label, and therefore the product, more attractive . To achieve this, Auroflex uses "material" papers, sensory and glittery silk-screen prints and paints, braille, bas-relief effects, poured lamina and micro-etching processes aimed at making each creation "unique".

Preprinting &

Thanks to the synergy we are able to establish with agencies, we can make each project unique. All this would be difficult to achieve without the fundamental support of the preprint department that accompanies the communication agency and the customer through all the complex dynamics affecting the study and creation of a "winning" label.

There are several printing technologies used by Auroflex depending on the result the project wishes to achieve. The different set-up of the machine fleet, combined with various technologies, makes us technologically and structurally suitable to be partners of companies that cater to the most varied needs. Thanks to this versatility, we have a customer base consisting of both large and micro-companies.

Research &

At Auroflex, we are well aware that the graphic arts sector has always been a sector in which innovation and technologies have an extremely short rotation time. In fact, everything related to communication is very fast and rapidly evolving. The company is therefore always attentive and present in the processes of evolution, and has developed a special department that deals with studying new solutions aimed at making even the most fanciful achievements possible.


The basket of raw materials used by Auroflex is extremely wide: the choice of the type of support to be used depends on many elements, such as the product sector it belongs to, the technology used for packaging, application conditions, the message to be conveyed through the packaging, and the available budget. To cope with this plurality of needs, Auroflex has partnered with the most important players in the market, whose expertise and professionalism is widely recognised throughout the world.

Quality Control

Auroflex is also structured to achieve high-level quality control. Each label is in fact monitored during all phases of the production process, both through sample checks and through the use of the most modern web-inspection systems that can automatically report any anomaly.

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